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Articles on Vehicle Safety by Byron Bloch

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"Global Appeal" article in Vision Zero magazine   How vehicles worldwide can be made safer, to avoid the accidents and how to protect the occupants by more crashworthy designs for frontal impacts, rear impacts, side impacts, rollovers, and truck underride.

"Delayed Reaction" article in Vision Zero Magazine  How vehicle safety innovations take about 20 to 30 years from when they are feasible until they are finally implemented in our production vehicles.

"Rollover Revolution" article in Crash Test Technology magazine   How to design and test vehicles to help ensure the roof structure is strong enough to maintain the passenger compartment "survival space", and upgraded testing that includes dynamic vehicle rollovers.

"Shattering Saga" article in Vision Zero Magazine  The failure of tempered side window glass to stay intact in rollovers and side impacts, versus the safer laminated glass that stays together with its middle plastic layer serving as a "life net" to keep occupants safely inside the vehicle.

"Towards Safer Buses" article in Vision Zero magazine   How large coach buses can be made safer, improving their crashworthiness to ensure safety for the driver and the many passengers in the event of rollover and collsion accidents.

"Deep Impact" article in Vision Zero magazine   The deadly hazard when a passenger vehicle crashes into and penetrates deeply beneath or "underrides" the rear or side of a large truck or trailer.  The truck or trailer body rips through the windshield and roof into the car's "survival space"... with fatal consequences that may include decapitation.