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Thank you for visiting our website.  Whether you or a family member were severely injured, or if you are an attorney representing a car crash victim, please contact us about a vehicle accident case that you would like us to evaluate, as to whether or not there may be relevant safety defects that caused the accident or that increased the severity of injuries to one or more occupants. 

If you would like a preliminary evaluation about a potential "defective design" issue, please send us an email with the following information:

Identify the vehicle at-issue (year, make, model), the date and location of the accident, and describe the nature of the accident and the injuries to the persons involved.

If you have the police accident report, and some photos showing the accident vehicle preferably at the scene, please attach these to your email.

Please send any emails to these two addresses:

Our phone number in Maryland is:  (301) 299-1800