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Vehicle Safety Defects

  • Rollover - Roof Crush - Vertical Forces That Cause Fatality or Quadriplegia
  • Truck Underride - Crashing Beneath the Rear or Side of Trucks
  • Side Impact - Intrusion into the Survival Space
  • Fuel Tank and Engine Compartment Fires
  • Side Window Glazing - Occupant Ejection from the Vehicle
  • Seat Backrest Failure - Injury to Driver and Child Seated Behind Him
  • Airbags That Cause Injury - Too Forceful and Minus Safety Features

Every year in the U.S., about 35,000 people are killed in motor vehicle accidents, plus tens of thousands more suffer severe injuries. Less than 10-percent of all cases are properly developed and pursued toward justice for the injured victims. Successful resolution of the cases not only provides deserved compensation for the victims, but also serves to stimulate safer designs that will prevent injuries in the future.  

Whether you or a family member were injured or killed, or if you are an attorney seeking further knowledge and assistance by auto safety experts, these are just some of the major defect areas that may be involved. Please contact ICCJ for an initial evaluation, and for assistance in developing and presenting your case for mediation or trial.