Institute for Car Crash Justice

Vehicle Safety Expertise to Identify, Develop and Present Your Auto Defects Case   --   Potomac, Maryland, USA


The Institute for Car Crash Justice arose out of the need to evaluate vehicle accidents on behalf of car crash victims, and to fight for increasingly safer vehicles. We analyze the cause of the accident and severity of injury, and whether the involved vehicle was as "crashworthy" as it could and should have been. Were there some "defective design" factors that either caused the accident to occur, or increased the severity of injuries in the crash?

With our extensive experience and voluminous archives of key documents and crash test videos, we put together the building blocks of inspecting the accident vehicle, analyzing the defective design, showing what the automaker and industry knew, and describing safer designs that would have prevented the tragedy. We also provide key support documentation and visual elements to strengthen and clearly tell the full story for mediation and for trial.

The Institute for Car Crash Justice evolved out of Byron Bloch's extensive 40+ years of professional work in auto safety design and vehicle crashworthiness, including his serving as a court-qualified auto safety expert in product liability "defective design" cases coast-to-coast.

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